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Hydrate Rx

Rejuvenate, re-hydrate and restore electrolytes with IV fluids only. 

Best for: Hangover relief, headache, nausea, vomiting & dehydration.


*Does not include booster


Immunity Rx

Fortify your body's defenses with this popular immune system boosting IV drip packed with Vitamin C.

Includes: Custom Formulation

Best for: Immunity boost, seasonal allergies, asthma support and post-operative recovery

Skinny Rx

Jump-start or continue your weight loss journey with this detoxifying,fat burning & metabolism boosting blend. Along with exercise and a healthy diet, this drip will complement your current medical or natural weight loss program to help burn calories and shed those extra pounds.

Includes:  IV fluids, B-Complex vitamins, amino acids & minerals.

Best for:  Weight loss, energy boost, fat burner, metabolism boost & detox.

Libido Rx

Designed to give you the right "spark" with a special blend of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.

Includes:  IV fluids, amino acids, B complex vitamins & B12. 

Best for:  Increase sex drive, improve stamina, enhance sexual energy.

Hangover Rx

Just what you need to bounce back after a night of partying. Get quick relief with this excellent blend of IV fluids, vitamins, minerals & medication(s).

Includes: IV fluids, B complex, zinc, minerals & medication(s)

Best for: Hangover relief, headache, nausea, vomiting & dehydration.

Meyers' Rx

This popular combination of micro-nutrients commonly known as the Myer's Cocktail is the "Gold Standard" for overall wellness.

Includes:  IV fluids, Vitamin C, B-Complex vitamins, B12, calcium & magnesium

Best for:  Overall wellness, seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue, reduces symptoms of asthma & fibromyalgia.

Anti-Aging Rx

Get the ultimate glow from the inside out with this anti-aging drip that boosts the perfect blend of hydration, antioxidants & essential nutrients to promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Includes:  IV fluids, Vitamin C, B-Complex and Biotin.

Best for:  Healthy skin, hair & nails

Fitness Rx

Formulated with amino acids and nutrients to enhance athletic performance and decrease recovery time.

Includes:  IV fluids, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, amino acids and minerals

Best for:  Endurance, athletic performance enhancement, energy and more.

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